Our Mission

Trees and forests are a critical nature-based solution to climate change. That’s why 1t.org aims to connect, empower and mobilize a global reforestation community to conserve, restore and grow one trillion trees globally by 2030.

The U.S. chapter facilitates the leadership of American companies, nonprofits, governments and individuals to help us reach this goal with unprecedented scale and speed.


Number of jobs created for every $1 million invested in tree planting and forest conservation


Million acres estimated in the U.S. where trees can responsibly be planted


Million acres of forest conservation opportunity estimated in the U.S.


Metric Tons of carbon dioxide a single tree in the U.S. can capture, on average, over its lifetime


Million acres of Forests where housing density will increase by 2030

U.S. Chapter Secretariat

The daily operations of the U.S. Chapter are led by a Secretariat made up of staff from the World Economic Forum and American Forests. The Secretariat helps entities develop pledges, provides technical assistance for needs like climate-informed forestry, tracks progress on each pledge and connects all participants in the U.S. Chapter into a dynamic global community. The U.S. Chapter 1t.org Secretariat can be reached at us@1t.org.

U.S. Stakeholder Council

The 1t.org U.S. Stakeholder Council is made up of 20 diverse public and private sector entities that inform the strategic direction of the U.S. Chapter and assure that its operations and technical support equitably and effectively meet the needs of all 1t.org U.S. Chapter stakeholders.

Secretariat Organizations

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