Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1t.org? +
What is the global mission of 1t.org? +
 What is the role of the 1t.org U.S. Chapter? +
How is the 1t.org U.S. Chapter structured? +
What is the basis for the goal to conserve, restore, and grow trillion trees globally by 2030? +
 Is 1t.org only focused on planting new trees? +
Why do we need forests and why do forests need us? +
 Can we solve climate change only by planting trees and/or other actions that provide “natural climate solutions”? +
Why do trees matter during the COVID-19 pandemic? +
How can 1t.org’s vision be met by 2030? +
How can individuals get involved with 1t.org? +
How can corporations and NGOs/civil society groups get involved with 1t.org? +
How can subnational governments like states, counties and cities get involved with 1t.org? +
How does 1t.org work to ensure responsible forestry practices are maintained? +
 What is 1t.org U.S. doing to ensure that communities who have been historically disadvantaged by environmental degradation can benefit from trees? +
How is progress on pledges tracked? +
Is 1t.org collecting donations? Can 1t.org support my project? +