2022 1t.org US Summit Agenda and Resources


The 1t.org US Chapter Summit was an extraordinary opportunity to bring together tree champions that are leading the way in the United States on the mission to conserverestore and grow 1 trillion trees by 2030.

More than 140 attendees from the trillion trees community joined the Summit in Washington, DC to discuss fresh ideas and learn more from one another. We had corporate and nonprofit influencers present their vision for scaling public and private-sector ambition, federal and state government leaders make bold statements on climate, and community representatives discuss the intersectional needs of urban forestry. Here are a few exciting highlights from the event:

  • The morning started with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack breaking news on a Secretarial order at the 1t.org US Summit. View his announcement here.
  • Two celebratory pledge announcements: Arbor Day Foundation shared an ambitious new goal of 500 million trees in 5 years, and Aspiration increased their pledge from 100,000,001 to 1,000,000,000 trees!
  • Youth leaders Zoe Bredesen, Gold Award Girl Scout, and Kevin Patel, Founder and Executive Director of OneUpAction, inspired us with messages of climate hope and accountability to the climate movement.

Thank you to all who attended! Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to hear when we announce dates for the 2023 1t.org US Summit! Below is the archive of our program as well as a list of curated resources to further understanding and provide background on each topic area.


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A list of resources, infographics, charts, websites and more grouped by session themes at the 1t.org US Chapter Summit.


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An archive of the agenda that contains final speaker and topic information.


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1t.org US Summit White Paper

A white paper exploring discoveries made at the 1t.org US Chapter Summit as well as strategic recommendations for the future.



Thursday, June 23, 2022

Setting the Framework: Climate Hope +
Climate Leadership: Policy at Home and Abroad +
All In for Earth: Scaling Public and Private Ambition +
Tree Talk: Getting to the Root of It +
Branching Out: Unlocking the Global Potential +
Onwards and Upwards +
Summit Rooftop Reception and VR Experience +

Friday, June 24, 2022

1t.org US Chapter Workshop +