1 trillion trees by 2030.

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Healthy forests can help us solve climate change.
Join our global community and pledge to help reforest our planet through one of these actions:

Pledge Types

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1: Conserve

Pledge to:
Create a conservation easement or tree protection policy, support sustainable forest management practices or develop a forest-friendly supply chain.

2: Grow

Pledge to:
Plant trees to restore forestlands, plant trees in agricultural, urban, and suburban land, or facilitate natural regeneration.

Who Should Pledge

All Entities on Board for One Trillion Trees

The 1t.org pledge process provides a way for public and private sector entities of all types and sizes to join the trillion trees movement. We welcome pledges for actions taking place in the United States, and actions that American entities are making possible in other countries.

Our pledge form takes you through the step-by-step process, and our U.S. Chapter staff are available to help as well.

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