Pledge Accountability

Commitment to Transparency

The mission of the US Chapter is to connect, empower, and mobilize a national reforestation community, unleashing their potential to act at an unprecedented scale and speed, to ensure the conservation, restoration and growth of one trillion trees globally within this decade.

We will match this ambitious goal with bold action, radical collaboration, and candid communication. 

The US Chapter is committed to tracking annual progress on pledged activities. Each corporation, nonprofit, and government registering a pledge with the US Chapter will be required to submit an annual report. The report will capture implementation of action over the prior year, quantify outputs and outcomes, and detail new partners and enhanced areas of focus.

It is our intent for the reporting to be concise and efficient, drawing on readily available information and aligning with emerging reporting and accounting frameworks. We will share the summary and highlights of progress reports that will enable all stakeholders and the broader community to understand the progress made to date, lessons learned and opportunities to collaborate in the future.


1. Pledge

The US Chapter invites any public or private entity to submit a pledge towards the mission to conserve, restore and grow 1 trillion trees by 2030. Pledges are intended to demonstrate the diversity and level of ambition of commitments to this common mission, fuel greater aspiration for all entities working toward the goal of one trillion trees, and to help raise awareness in ways that increase collaboration and resources across the movement. Learn more about how to make a pledge.

2. Conserve, Restore and Grow

After pledging it is time to join the an “all hands on deck” movement. Every tree counts from conserving, restoring, and growing to supporting actions to do more and better. For inspiration you can view our current pledges and read about their activities. 

3. Report

Each year pledges will report on their progress. We will launch the reporting cycle at the end of each calendar year, collect data and actions from pledges, and summarize for our final annual US report.

  • For “Conserve” projects, this will include a reporting of any new actions during the 12-month period that ensured an increase in the number of acres conserved and/or trees protected.
  • For “Restore and Grow” projects, this includes the number of trees actually planted and/or acres regenerated, the location of these plantings, and deductions for any known mortality that occurred within 12 months of a planting.
  • For “Supporting Actions”, this will include a narrative report describing launches and achievements of any of the pledged actions, including quantifications of impacts wherever possible.

Reports Coming Soon!

The US Chapter launched in August 2020 with an ambitious goal. We delayed the first reporting cycle as we developed an more rigorous and thorough reporting structure. The Secretariat staff are working with subject matter experts, the US Stakeholder Council, and leaders in the trillion tree movement. is also working to complement reporting with global and regional monitoring systems, geospatial mapping technologies and the accounting for the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. U.S. Chapter Secretariat staff will be available for technical assistance and will review and provide feedback as reports are completed. More formal site visits and verification may be conducted by the Secretariat with a small number of pledging entities each year to assess reporting trends and accuracy.

The reporting structure will be based on the framework of the Restoration Barometer, managed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

At the end of this year, we will launch a reporting cycle that will capture reporting for the first two years. Check back here in the Spring of 2023 to see our summary findings and progress toward the goal to conserve, restore and grow one trillion trees.