U.S. Chapter Launch

The 1t.org U.S. Chapter launched on August 27, 2020. At the time, 26 U.S.-based companies, nonprofit organizations and governments pledged to conserve, restore and grow more than 855 million trees by 2030 and commit to supporting actions, such as mapping technology and carbon finance, worth billions of dollars — all as part of the global trillion trees platform. On this page, you will find our ecolaunch day press release, video, B-roll package and social media toolkit. You also will see the list of entities that pledged by the time of the launch, along with a quote and video statement from each of them. You, too, can see what our Stakeholder Council members are saying about the chapter.

For a quick overview of the chapter, download the media summary.


Press Release

US Businesses, Governments and Non-Profits Join Global Push for 1 Trillion Trees

  • World Economic Forum and partners launch the first regional chapter of 1t.org, supporting the global effort to conserve, restore, and grow 1 trillion trees worldwide by 2030
  • 26 US-based organizations have already pledged for the launch to conserve, restore, and grow more than 855 million trees, an area equal to 2.8 million acres
  • Healthy forests are a critical nature-based solution to the climate crisis that can reduce atmospheric CO2, lower temperatures, and reduce energy costs
  • This is an opportunity for US companies, governments, NGOs and individuals to take a leading role in tackling the climate crisis
  • Learn, join, and pledge here: 1t.org.

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A Message from Chapter Leaders Jad Daley and Justin Adams

Official 1t.org U.S. Chapter Video

Pledging Entities

Acre Investment Management

ACRE Investment Management is pledging to reforest 100,000,000 trees. This pledge can sequester an estimated 35,101,560 MT CO2e.

“As the largest global carbon reforestation platform, we believe trees are the most scalable solution for removing carbon from the atmosphere. Along with our 500+ landowners, we have planted over 42 million trees on 120,000 acres of land. Today, we stand ready to connect velocity and scale to forests and carbon by pledging to plant an additional 100 million trees through reforestation, nursery, and mitigation banking businesses. When we plant trees, we plant hope!”

- Chandler Van Voorhis, Co-founder and Managing Partner


Amazon is pledging $100 million toward nature-based climate solutions through their Right Now Climate Fund.

The world is facing a critical time for the health of its people, wildlife, and environment. We are proud to partner with 1t.org and their global movement to help conserve, restore, and grow 1 trillion trees by 2030.”

- Kara Hurst, Head of Worldwide Sustainability

American Tower

American Tower Corporation is pledging 800,0000 trees through their Million Trees Initiative. This pledge can sequester an estimated 246,458 MT CO2e.

“We are excited to be part of the U.S. Chapter of 1t.org as we strive to reach the goal we set in 2018 to plant one million trees across the United States over the next decade with American Forests. Our Million Trees initiative is a new and creative approach to philanthropic giving that helps support our mission to connect to the communities where our teams live and work. We are proud to be taking steps to make a positive impact on our environment and leaving a tangible legacy that will benefit our communities into the next century.”

- Jim Blestowe, Senior Vice President, Information Technology. U.S. Tower

American Forest Foundation

American Forest Foundation is pledging 84,000,000 trees through tree planting and forest conservation activites. This pledge can sequester an estimated 25,878,086 MT CO2e.

“America’s family forest owners, who own the largest chunk of America’s forests, are an important piece of achieving the trillion trees goal. Family forest owners can contribute by planting news trees, and are also essential in maintaining our existing trees on the landscape. That’s why we at the American Forest Foundation are pleased to support the U.S Chapter of 1t.org with a pledge to continue to expand our work with family landowners, partners, and funders.”

- Tom Martin, President and CEO

American Forests: American ReLeaf

American Forests is reforesting 100,000,000 trees through their Reforest America plege. Through reforestation, afforestation, agroforestry and planting trees in developed areas, this pledge can sequester 30,807,244 mt CO2e over 50 years.

“American Forests has worked with others to plant 60 million trees in the last 30 years. That’s great, but it is just a start. To address the increasing threats to our nation’s forests, we will plant 100 million more trees in the next 10 years. We are doing so because forests are the best nature-based solution to climate change. As these 100 million trees grow, they will remove more than 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere over the next 50 years – the equivalent of taking 134,000 cars off the road over this same time period and preventing 3.5 billion gallons of gasoline from burning.”

- Brian Kittler, Senior Director of Forest Restoration

American Forests: Community ReLeaf

American Forests is pledging 1,200,000 trees through their Community ReLeaf program. Through tree planting and urban forest conservation, this pledge can sequester an estimated 582,266 MT CO2e.

“American Forests is committed to creating Tree Equity so that all people, in all U.S. city neighborhoods, benefit from trees. It’s exciting to be part of a community of forest champions – the 1t.org U.S. Chapter – that will help us do so. With support from this community, we are confident we will reach the goal set out in our pledge, which is planting and protecting 1.2 million trees in cities across the country by 2030.”

- Eric Candela, Senior Manager of Community ReLeaf

Arbor Day Foundation

Arbor Day Foundation is pledging 100,000,000 trees through their Time for Trees campaign. These reforestation activities can sequester an estimated 43,407,766 MT CO2e.

“Never has there been a more urgent need for trees to protect people and our planet.  The Arbor Day Foundation is helping drive the current tree planting movement through our 100 million tree Time for Trees® initiative. We applaud the World Economic Forum’s 1t.org platform for shining a spotlight on the vital need to conserve, restore and grow trees. We commit to advancing the ambition of citizens, governments, and corporate leaders to achieve these transformational goals.”

- Dan Lambe, President

Bank of America

Bank of America is pledging using partnerships and financial innovation to protect, restore, conserve and expand critical healthy forest ecosystems.

Trees are the first line of defense and one of the best nature based solutions to tackle climate change. Reforestation provides effective carbon capture, biodiversity and other environmental benefits, while also producing jobs and increasing tree equity in LMI communities and urban areas. As a partner of the 1t.org initiative, we will help develop the voluntary carbon offset market which can lead to more tree planting and restoration projects.” 

- Karen Fang, Managing Director, Head of Global Sustainable Finance

City of Boise

The City of Boise is pledging 335,000 trees through tree planting activities via their City of Trees Challenge. This pledge can sequester an estimated 154,124 MT CO2e.

“Boise is committed to growing its tree canopy by more than 100% over the next ten years by planting a tree for every household in the city by 2030. It’s an ambitious goal, but one everyone can understand and get behind. We are excited for Boise be a lead innovator, not just nationally, but around the world by joining the trillion trees platform to mitigate climate impacts at home and around the world.”

- Elaine Clegg, Boise City Council President

Chicago Region Trees Initiaitve

Chicago Region Trees Initiative is pledging 100,000 trees through tree planting and forest conservation activities.

“The Chicago Region Trees Initiative is a coalition of more than 200 organizations working together to improve the health of the urban forest.  We recognize that partnerships are critical to achieving success and we see the trillion trees platform as an opportunity to expand our partnering to connect to a global network and goals that are in alignment with our own goals and objectives. Together we can have a significant measurable impact on the world.”

- Lydia Scott, Director

Clif Bar

Clif Bar is pledging to reforest 750,000 trees by planting trees in existing forest land. This pledge can sequester 231,055 MT CO2e.

“As a company of people who love the outdoors, Clif Bar is supporting 1t.org with a commitment to plant 1 million trees across North America by 2025.  Forests are essential to our health, but they’re being lost with alarming speed. Healthy forests clean our air, restore watersheds, provide critical wildlife habitat, create millions of jobs, and improve people’s well-being. Every time we plant a tree, we plant a climate solution!”

- Elysa Hammond, Senior Vice President, Environmental Stewardship

City of Dallas

The City of Dallas is pledging 14,731,000 trees through tree planting and forest conservation activities through their Dallas Urban Forest Initiative. This pledge can sequester an estimated 750,000 MT CO2e.

“The City of Dallas’s efforts to conserve, restore, and grow trees focuses on sustained stewardship, capacity-building, and social and ecological responsibility. The benefits of planting trees are clear, especially as our climate changes, and this initiative will make us a more resilient and equitable city for generations to come.”

- Susan Alvarez, Pe, CFM, Associate Director, Environmental Quality and Sustainability

City of Detroit

The City of Detroit is pledging 50,0000 trees to revitalize its urban forests. This pledge can sequester an estimated 40,605 MT CO2e.

“The City of Detroit is excited to join the Trillion Tree Platform, with our pledge to plant 50,000 trees by 2030, in an effort to restore our beautiful tree canopy for the future.  Right now is a crucial time to increase our tree canopy as an effort to heal our communities, promote increased mental health benefits, and improve environmental conditions such as air quality throughout the City of Detroit.  Thank you to American Forests and the World Economic Forum for creating the 1t.org U.S. Chapter, and allowing the City of Detroit to contribute to the global effort to conserve, restore, and grow trees. “

- Angel Squalls, Associate Forester


EcoSikh and the Sikh community are pledging to plant 1,000,000 trees. This pledge can sequester an estimated 1,088,622 MT CO2e.

Evangelical Environmental Network

The Evangelical Environmental Network(EEN) is pledging to plant 10,000 trees in forests and urban areas. EEN pledges to leverage its relationships and communities to advance reforestation and conservation in the U.S. and around the world.

“Beginning with the Garden of Eden, through the Cedars of Lebanon, to the Book of Revelation, trees have a central place in providing life, health, and healing not only for humanity but for the earth as well. The Evangelical Environmental Network pledges our support for the 1t.org U.S. Chapter as a critical step forward in providing clean air, pure water, and removing carbon pollution that causes our climate crisis. Climate Change is the greatest moral threat to humanity of our time and restoring our forests remains critical to providing hope for a sustainable and healthy future for all God’s children.”

- The Rev. Mitchell C. Hescox, President

HP, Inc.

HP Inc. is pledging 1,000,000 trees through tree-planting and forest conservation actions through its HP Sustainable Forests Collaborative.

“Climate change drives home the need to put the planet, people and our communities at the heart of how we reset our world to create a more equitable and sustainable future,” said Ellen Jackowski, Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer, HP. “HP is committed to protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable forests and we are thrilled to join 1t.org U.S. chapter. The management and protection of forests is crucial, and there is simply no time to waste.”

- Ellen Jackowski, Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer


Linkedin is pledging to become carbon negative by 2030, a pledge that will include tree planting and forest conservation activities.

“LinkedIn is very pleased to join the trillion-tree community as a member of the 1t.org U.S. Chapter.  In January of this year, we committed to become carbon negative by 2030, and planting and growing trees in environmentally sensitive areas is one element of our strategy to achieve that goal.  Forests also create millions of jobs globally, aligning with our company’s mission to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.  Our 1t pledge embodies our commitment to environmental conservation, and to leveraging our platform to support sustainable jobs growth for years to come.”

- Jim Morgensen, Vice President of Workplace


Mastercard International Incorporated is pledging 100,000,000 trees through tree planting and forest conservation activities through their Priceless Planet Coalition.

“We believe business has a significant role to play in helping the planet thrive and that economic growth cannot come at the expense of the environment. Through Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition, we’re uniting the effort of merchants, banks, cities, businesses and consumers to make meaningful contributions to plant 100 million trees in five years. We’re thrilled to join the US Chapter of WEF’s 1t.org and contribute to the important mission of reforestation of our planet.”

- Kristina Kloberdanz, Chief Sustainability Officer


Microsoft is pledging to become carbon negative by 2030, a pledge that will include tree planting and forest conservation activities.

“Microsoft’s 1t.org pledge is a natural fit with our company-wide focus on sustainability and commitment to operate carbon negative by 2030. Forests along with other carbon removal and reduction efforts are critical to addressing climate change. Our pledge is centered on growing and conserving trees, as well as digital tools and other activities that support forests. As an inaugural 1t.org U.S. Chapter member, we look forward to working together with our local and global conservation partners to meet these ambitious goals.”

- Michelle Patron, Director of Sustainability Policy

National Association of State Foresters

The National Association of State Foresters is pledging technical and partnership support for 1t.org.

“The National Association of State Foresters is proud to support the 1t.org U.S. Chapter.   This innovative platform brings people together to improve our world through trees.  Trees are the ultimate nature-based solution, storing carbon while giving us clean air, clean water, cooling shade, wildlife habitat, lumber for our homes, and paper for books that educate and inspire.  Help plant a tree today for a better tomorrow.”

- Jay Farrell, Executive Director

National Forest Foundation

National Forest Foundation is reforesting 42,400,000 trees through their 50 Million for Our Forests campaign. Through reforestation, this pledge can sequester an estimated 21,200,000 MT CO2e.

“The National Forest Foundation is pleased to participate in the US Chapter of 1t.org.  Nature-based solutions are crucial to mitigate climate change, and healthy forests are a powerful tool to care for future generations.   Our forests need us more than ever – more than one million acres of National Forests need reforestation to reduce carbon emission and conserve wildlife habitat. Join us in the effort to plant trees on your National Forests across the country.”

- Mary Mitsos, President and CEO

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is pledging 50 million trees, which will include both tree planting and forest conservation activities. This pledge can sequester 18,900,666 MT CO2e.

“Restoring the world’s forests is going to take a lot of teamwork, because we’re all in this together! That’s why One Tree Planted is honored to support the U.S. Chapter of 1t.org. By mobilizing volunteers, donors, businesses, and on-the-ground planting partners, we can make a positive impact for long-term sustainability.”

- Diana Chaplin, Canopy Director


PepsiCo is pledging forest conservation and tree planting activities in support of their long-term strategy for achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

“Urgent action and collaboration are critical to restoring our global ecosystem and tackling climate change. By working together to advance nature-based carbon-capture solutions like responsible forest management, conservation, and restoration, 1t.org has the potential to help slow rising global temperatures, while building a more sustainable food system.”

- Christine Daugherty, Vice President of Sustainable Agriculture & Responsible Sourcing

Restore the Earth Foundation

Restore the Earth Foundation is pledging to reforest 100,000,000 trees on 1 million acres in the Mississippi River basin. Through reforestation and forest conservation, this pledge can sequester an estimated 260,000,000 MT CO2e.

“We are thrilled to join 1t.org with our pledge of a 100 million tree project, restoring 1 million acres in the Mississippi River Basin. Collaborative partnerships and taking action are critical to accomplishing bold, ambitious goals like this one to actually move the needle on climate change.”

- Taylor Marshall, Director of Sustainable Programs


Salesforce is pledging 100,000,000 trees through a combination of tree planting and forest conservation activities.

“We’re facing a planetary emergency, and if we don’t act now, climate change will be irreversible. Salesforce is proud to be part of the 1T.org global movement to conserve, restore and plant one trillion trees, which is one of the best ways to stop climate change. This is a movement that every company and every citizen can join.”

- Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Sustainable Forestry Initiative is pledging to support forest conservation and tree-planting activities within its network of more than 200 organizations.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative is proud to contribute to the objectives of the 1t.org U.S. Chapter. Through our forest certification standards, SFI has a significant footprint of sustainably managed forests across the U.S. and Canada and we are leading a collaborative to measure the conservation benefits across this footprint. Our pledge to the trillion trees platform aligns with our belief that sustainably managed forests represent a critical nature-based solution to climate change.”

- Kathy Abusow, President and CEO


Timberland is pledging 50,000,000 trees through tree planting and agroforestry.

“At Timberland we believe in the power of Nature and Human Nature — and trees are such a vital part of both! They protect the climate, clean our air, strengthen communities, create economic opportunities, and promote wellbeing. That’s why Timberland is proud to support the U.S. Chapter of 1t.org with our pledge to plant 50 million trees by 2025. We are working with six partner organizations to Plant the Change worldwide and forward 1t.org’s important global effort.”

- Atlanta McIlwraith, Senior Manager, Community Engagement and Communications


Travelers is pledging 500,000 trees through their One Million Reasons Why campaign. This pledge can sequester an estimated 154,037 MT CO2e.

We partnered with American Forests to fund the planting of a tree for every billing account that was switched to paperless. The goal was to reach 1 million trees. As of Earth Day, 2020, we reached that goal. But we’re not stopping. We are thrilled to have committed to fund the planting of an additional 500,000 trees and join the U.S. Chapter of 1t.org to help conserve, restore and grow 1 trillion trees by 2030.” 

- Rick Heffernan, Vice President of Customer Experience Strategy

City of Tucson

The City of Tucson is pledging 1,000,000 trees through their Tucson Million Trees initiative. This pledge can sequester an estimated 681,939 MT CO2e.

“I am thrilled to join a global network of dedicated leaders working to conserve, restore and grow trees as nature-based strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change.”

- Regina Romero, Mayor

Stakeholder Council

A Stakeholder Council comprised of senior-level representatives from U.S.-based governments, corporations and nonprofit organizations informs the strategic direction of the chapter and ensures that its operations and technical services equitably meet the needs of all 1 trillion trees stakeholders.

See what Stakeholder Council members are saying about the launch

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