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Meet America’s pacesetters for one trillion trees.

The Power of Action

Trillion trees is an “all hands on deck” movement, and every tree counts. From conserving, restoring, and growing to supporting actions to do more and better, diverse government, corporate, NGO and civil society organizations are making the trillion tree vision into reality.

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Forest Champions

Every tree counts, and our Forest Champions are engaging diverse partners to deliver trillion trees activities in every possible scale and setting across America and around the world.

LinkedIn 1t.org Pledge
Double nursery production capacity and increase seed supply
Carbon Done Correctly
Plant Your Change
Nice-Pak Healthy Forests, Healthy People
ACRE Investment Management
Plant 4.6 million new native trees by 2030
Trees for Climate Health Initiative of Jonas Philanthropies
Restore Nature to Solve Climate Change
Hawai’i County Million Tree Initiative
Restoration, Stewardship, and Conservation of the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem
The PrintReleaf 10 Million Standard Tree Pledge
State Forestry Agency Technical, Operational, and Partnership Support
Carbon Offsets and Impact Certification for Reforesting Cities and Enriching Communities
Orion Global Solutions Launches Reforestation Mission
Microsoft's 1t.org Pledge
Ecologi members planting over 1.7 billion trees by 2030
Leveraging private markets to increase the pace and scale of forest restoration
Partnerships and Financial Innovation to Support Climate Action and Tree Equity
Dallas Urban Forest Initiative
One Million Trees for Puerto Rico
LightStream One Million Tree Milestone
ONEXONE: One Tree Planted for Each Item Sold
Planting of 5000 Oregon White Oak Trees
25,000 Acres by 2025
One Million Trees
State of Hawaii
Our commitment to environmental sustainability
Rheaply Reuse Initiative Pledge
Plant the Change
National Indian Carbon Coalition Tribal Land Conservation Initiative
CIEDM Participation in Global Trillion Trees Movement
Tech-Driven Reforestation Pledge
50 Million Trees in Underserved Communities Globally by 2030
Tree-Plenish’s Pledge to Plant and Educate
Girl Scout Tree Promise
Clif Bar’s 2025 Tree Planting Commitment
One Million Tree Pledge to Restore Our Forests
Plant for the Planet
Protecting 1 Million Acres of Forestland by 2030
Tree Fresno Commits to the Expansion of the Central San Joaquin Valley Urban Forest by 20,000 Water-Wise Trees before 2030
Democratize access to forest carbon markets and deliver climate action at scale
Tucson Million Trees
40M Trees: Empower Rural Farmers to Reverse Poverty
One Million Trees for a Thriving Planet
Plants in Power
PepsiCo and Nature Based Solutions to 1.5°C
Green Forests Work to Restore 5 Million Trees on Surface Mined Lands in Appalachia and Beyond
Project Muyuychi - Restoring Peruvian Amazon in partnership with communities
Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership: Ten Million Trees for Pennsylvania
Tentree's 1 Billion Global Tree Pledge
5 Million Trees to create resilient forests and communities
City of Trees Challenge
One Tree Planted’s 50 Million Pledge
Improving the Health of the Urban Forest in the Chicago Region
Verizon to Plant 20 Million Trees by 2030
Tomorrow Tree Fund to Protect, Restore and Plant 1 Million Trees
Mobilizing and Supporting the Conservation, Restoration, and Growth of 100 Million Trees
Harnessing the Power of Nature
Keeping Washington Evergreen
50 Million for Our Forests
EcoSikh Pledge of Million Trees
Time for Trees
State of Wisconsin Forest Conservation and Tree Planting Pledge
6 Million Trees to Restore & Protect Our Forests
HP Sustainable Forests Collaborative
City of Ann Arbor - 20,000 Trees Commitment
Planting roots by joining ndustrial
Planting 50 Million Trees in the Great Lakes State
The Right Now Climate Fund
Reforesting and Restoring America’s Family Owned Forests
American Tower Corporation Million Trees Initiative
Tree Equity in America's Cities
Priceless Planet Coalition
Solving Climate Change through natural carbon capture
3 Million Trees
Advancing Sustainability Through Forest Certification and Conservation Impact
Restoring tropical forest through Rainforest Alliance’s Forest Allies initiative
Educate and Empower Forestry and Natural Resources Professionals
Travelers Has 5 Million Reasons To Go Paperless
48.2 Billion Trees Planted by 2030
Green Team Urban Forests
Reforest America
15% of Profits for Trees Forever
Buy a Book. Plant a Tree.
Treepoints community pledge to plant over 100 million trees by 2030
1 Million Acre Reforestation In Mississippi River Basin - “North America’s Amazon"
State of Maryland - Growing Five Million Trees by 2030
Caribbean Tree Planting Project
Sequester 300 million tons of CO2e By Preserving Forest Health
Delaware Forest Service - One million trees (2020 - 2030)
SFLR Climate Solutions Partnership
Accion Andina: 30,000,000 high Andean trees by 2030
One Billion Trees to Transform One Million Farms
Detroit - Planting for the future
Promoting the Professional Practice of Arboriculture

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