Pledge Accountability

Commitment to Transparency

We are currently undergoing our 2023 pledge review cycle. All pledge commitments are subject to change as we work through this process. is committed to transparency and accountability. Since our launch in 2020, we have collected over 100 pledges committed to conserving, restoring and growing forests for people, biodiversity and planet. These pledges demonstrate a diverse range of entity types and actions.

Pledges are intended to capture a high level of ambition. We have learned a lot in the last few years on best practices for capturing this ambition. The first step in our accountability process is reviewing pledges to ensure they are the right-size and on track. As a result of this process, we will be adjusting some of the pledged tree commitments.

The second step will be collecting reports from the pledge entities. The US Chapter is committed to tracking annual progress on pledged activities. Each corporation, nonprofit, and government registering a pledge with the US Chapter will be required to submit an annual report. The report will capture the implementation of action over the prior year, quantify outputs and outcomes, and detail new partners and enhanced areas of focus. US Chapter Reporting Framework

It is our intention for the reporting to be concise and efficient, drawing on readily available information and aligning with emerging reporting and accounting frameworks. We will share the summary and highlights of progress reports that will enable all stakeholders and the broader community to understand the progress made to date, lessons learned and opportunities to collaborate in the future. Check back soon for the summary report on the US Chapter pledges soon. 

You can learn more about the reporting framework for the US Chapter here: Pledge Reporting Global Reports

In 2022, globally piloted a survey to track the implementation of private sector multinational pledges. You can review the 2022 Pledge Implementation Tracking reports here. The survey was developed in partnership between and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to adapt the Restoration Barometer for private sector reporting. Pledges registered with both the US and global platforms will continue to use the Pledge Implementation Tracking form. You can learn more about the outcomes of this process in a World Economic Forum blog How companies are turning forest restoration commitments into action.


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