Community Collaborative

The US Community Collaborative serves as a dedicated gathering hub for cross-sectoral leaders committed to the ambitious goal of conserving, restoring, and growing one trillion trees by 2030. We are united by a deep understanding that forests are not just trees; they are ecosystems that play a vital role for people, biodiversity, and the planet

Operating through thematic convenings on critical topics and emerging trends, our Collaborative fosters innovation, shares best practices, and mobilizes resources to tackle pressing challenges. By engaging stakeholders at all levels and promoting inclusive decision-making processes, we strive to ensure that our actions are socially and ecologically responsible, guided by principles of equity, justice, and sustainability.

Through capacity building, knowledge sharing, and fostering innovation, our sessions provide a dynamic platform for stakeholders to contribute expertise, collaborate on strategies, and align efforts toward our shared goals. Together, we believe that by working collaboratively and harnessing the power of nature-based solutions, we can make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change, promote biodiversity, and enhance the resilience of ecosystems and communities in the US and worldwide.

To join the Collaborative, your organization can pledge the US Chapter. Those interested in participating can attend sessions prior to pledging to better understand the value and potential contributions they can make. Connect with us for additional information or to propose a partnership opportunity.

Previous Community Collaborative Sessions

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